About the Erwin Family

My name is Lisa Hutcherson Erwin.  My husband, Jay and I have two sons, Trey and Collin.  Trey, who would have turned 16 on July 31, 2012, went to be with the Lord on July 5, 2012, after suffering from stage 4 adult pancreatic cancer since March 6.  Collin is now 22 and is a welder (since April 2019).  Collin is also a patient at St. Jude and West Clinic because he carries the same P16 mutant melanoma gene as Trey.

I vowed that I would never stop sharing Trey’s faith story and the goodness of God’s comfort. We are blessed to have Trey’s testimony on video for your viewing.

Celebration of the Life of Trey Erwin

8 thoughts on “About the Erwin Family

  1. your family is a true blessing from christ thur your grief and heartbreak you still are encouraging people to live closer to christ and have inspired me to open my heart to be closer to christ I am saved but i have not been walking with the lord the way i should and just wanted to let you know trey’s story has touched me as no other has

  2. You are ALL doing what Trey would want you to go ahead and live a Christlike life. It is a testimony to both mom & son to know what a respectful young man he was.
    His life was short, but so many people have become closer to God thru his message & the message your family has shown. Praying for you.

  3. Lisa…. I also lost a 16 year old son many years ago. He was returning home from a lockin at our church and was involved in a car accident. He lived 5 days and we had to make the decision to turn off the respirator when the doctors told us that he did not have any brain activity and he wanted to be an organ donar. I would really like to talk with you. I SO know what you are going through and I have prayed for you and your family faifhfully. I also have another son that was 12 when his brother died.

    My phone number is 901 6246815. My name is Susie Gilbreath. Keith Cochran knows me…

    I am here to talk with you, console you when you weep, try to help you put one foot in front of the other and help you with advice for Collin. I don’t know why the LORD took me down this same path many years before but I know that I am here to help others that are on this same path.
    I am a member of Bellevue and know Keith’s parents.

  4. I found myself in a slump today and chose to go to the Caring Bridge page and start at the beginning and reread every single on of your journal entries. I followed your family through the whole process and read your blog entry on this site constantly. I lost my mother five months ago today to cancer. She was diagnosed on March 13th and I buried her April 13th. I found going back and reading through your trials and tribulations have truly helped me today. Your family is a testament to me that God wants us to move forward and spread his word and speak the gospel. Thank you for being there to lift up my spirits along with many others. You are truly a gift from God. May God Bless your family!!!!

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