Addressing Collin…Only Once

I have had several people respond to different blogs and mention “our other son”. I will take this opportunity to address Collin and unless necessary, will not do so again.

Collin is 13 years old and is in middle school. Anything that is said on any form of social media will be taken back to him. If there is anything, ANYTHING I have said in multiple blogs it has been that it is hard to grieve publicly.

These are the facts I can tell you that Collin is aware of. Now I want you to remember, he is preteen, just lost his brother, and suffers from ADD/ADHD combined typed with Depressed Mood Adjustment Disorder since 2nd grade.

Now…he’s a patient of St. Jude himself. Tomorrow we go BACK to St. Jude to see his oncologist to get the results of his blood work and check his tumor markers. That is after he spent two and one-half hours with his psychiatrist and psychologist today at St. Jude. Collin does not have cancer but is only being screened.

Ball all of that up and let your 13-year-old handle it. Or better yet, let your friends talk to you about it. Are they compassionate?

If I had a dime for each time someone said, I can’t imagine what you are going through. Don’t worry about me. Can you imagine what a 13-year-old is going through who will not mention his brother’s name. Bottom line, nope, you can’t imagine.

I told a sweet lady in McAlister’s tonight that I did not ever want to get to this point about Collin. We ask that you respect our privacy when it comes to Collin. We are dealing with school, hospital, church, family, all delicate issues.

God did his work though Trey and right now, His word is spreading through Trey’s strength and faith. God is still working in Collin’s heart and in all facets of his life. I will do what I need to protect Collin. Matter of fact, he has no way to view social media (thank you school grades).

My last request will be that you put Collin at the top of your prayer list for our family. Those that are close to our family immediately come to us and always ask, how is Collin? He needs love. Lots of love and understanding. I can’t wrap my mind around what his little mind is trying to process. He is shouldering so much. All I know is God is Good. He will never leave us. Collin believes in The Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and we will walk through this time of our lives just like we walked through a year ago with Trey.

As Collin knows… Phil 4:13 COLLIN can do all things through Christ who strengthens him!

10 thoughts on “Addressing Collin…Only Once

  1. Well said. I can’t imagine what he is going thru at 13. H needs lots of love and prayers. You all are doing an outstanding job in the midst of so much. Prayers for all of you!

  2. You are a good Mom and Collin is lucky to have both you and your husband. Needless to say this will affect him and shape the man he becomes in the future. Will for sure pray for guidance for him. 🙂

  3. Lisa- I was just running in to McCallisters because I forgot a fork! I think God had other plans. I will be praying for Collin. Don’t let anyone make you justify the relationship you have with Collin. You know him best and he knows you have his back! So glad I met you. Keep posting, it reminds us to keep praying!!!

  4. Colllin will be in my prayers. Without all the difficulties he has experienced, 13 is one of the hardest ages ever. Prayers for the people who say or ask the wrong things, especially within earshot or eyesight of a 13 year old boy/young man trying to cope. Love to all.

  5. I haven’t posted to you in quite a while, but I HAVE read all of your posts. Your strength amazes me and I will definitely keep your sweet Collin in my prayers that God will bring some comfort and peace to his young heart. God bless you all Lisa.

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