The Color Purple

Yesterday, I was in the gift shop in Turks and Caicos buying our last little bit of goodies, I was buying something purple. The ladies behind counter noticed my Coach wallet was purple and my beach bag was purple. She said you must like purple! OPEN DOOR!

So I began to explain that first purple
was the color for pancreatic cancer and it was my son’s favorite color. I continued to tell the story of Trey’s faith and what God did through him. They said he had a purpose. I said oh yes. God chose him for that purpose.

After we talked about how long Trey Erwin lived, the ladies remarked about the smile on my face and how sad they were. I told them I was not sad. He was with Jesus, just where he wanted to be. They said oh but it must be sad for you. I said sometimes it is, but I get to see the work God is doing through his testimony. Then I told them to google his name and they would find his testimony.

This happened more than once. I took the opportunity to compliment a lady who has a sunshine tattoo on her shoulder. She told me it was on of those things she did as a kid. Her husband walked up and had an Air Force jet on his side. He had that tattoo because his father died in an Air Force crash. I told the family (with Collin behind me) how I sang You Are My Sunshine to Trey as a child. I showed them my tattoo and we talked about Trey and I thought it was so unique how Collin would jump in and fill in the story such as the date of his death and how long he was sick. We parted ways with the family with them asking Collin to join them on one of the teen dinner excursions. I hope I showed Collin how easy it is to take the opportunity to speak to someone and bring your faith into the conversation. When we walked away, he didn’t ask me, mom, why did you talk to them. So, I think with the mission trip training, he’s getting the hang of it! That’s what Trey did! Thank you Lord!

You never know what kind of door God will open for you. It might be something as simple as talking about a color. Or you may have to step out when you see someone that you believe you have something in common with and trust God to lead the conversation.

Open hearts lead to open doors. Another thing, I didn’t realize my countenance as I was telling Trey’s story. Thank you Jesus for
shining through me!

Jesus said in John 10:9 “I am the door; of anyone enters through me, he shall be saved and shall go in and out; and find pasture.”

Remember in Psalms – he maketh me lie down in green pastures!!! Ahh!! Green pastures!!!

Written in the Atlanta airport. Not proofread.

3 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. Oh, how this post blessed my socks off! What a great God we have. He is so Awesome and you are living proof of that and what a blessing to you and for you. May God continue to shine through you and the lives of your family.

  2. I am always left with a smile on my face after I read your posts, even if it is sometimes a sad smile. I love reading about your journey through life, especially the times you talk to people about Trey and then getting to witness to them. God always finds a way to open that door, we just have to open our eyes to see it! I hope you had a great trip (it looks like you did) and that you are all doing well.

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