First Day of School

It’s the first day of school for Collin at Collierville Middle as an 8th grader. Big man on campus. His last year there. So many memories come flooding back to Trey’s last year at CMS; teachers, football, projects, friends, puberty! All of the same things Collin is experiencing. My prayer is that Collin will be able to have fun this year. Collin does not like school, AT ALL! There is so much pressure on him because of his ADD. I think some of the pressure he puts on himself if he’ll just listen. Oh, wait, he’s 14. That’s right, they know everything. That much I do remember about Trey.

All of Trey’s friends are starting their senior year today. It has already brought tears. But he has a parking space with a special friend, so he’ll be with him every morning and afternoon as he goes to school then to football practice. There will be a class or classes that will have an empty chair and someone will look at it and think of him. Funny things will be said and they will think – that is so Trey. Someone will get the books he had and they will grin. When there is a silent moment in the morning, he will be remembered as being in heaven, instead of homeroom or in pain.

I won’t receive that phone call in the afternoon after football. He always called me and said – Mom, I’m home. I’m going to get me a bite to eat and take a nap, then start on my homework, okay? I would say okay, have you taken care of the dogs? Yes ma’am, do you know what we are having for supper? Honey, I have NO IDEA! Okay, love you mom. Love you too. Make sure Collin starts on his homework when he gets home. Mom, I’ll try, but he never listens to me. Trey, just tell him what I said. Okay, okay. Bye mom. By hon.

I promise – Just about EVERYDAY – the same conversation. And now, I have the same conversation with Collin. Little different outcome, but still the same basic conversation. I just can’t tell him anything to do over the phone. Instead, we will talk about his day. As long as the dogs are not still in the kennel when I get home at 5:30, I’ll be happy!

Two parents – two different sons, to a point. Collin is becoming more like Trey. And that is certainly not a bad thing. He’s growing up. He’s going through that “I don’t smile” phase. Ugh. That’s an 8th grader. But he sure does smile when he’s with other people. Trey was the same way.

We have been talking to Collin more and more about how he IS like Trey and that is not a bad thing. I had a precious conversation with friends, Greg and Marcella Bouldien. Greg put on Trey’s braces and is now working on Collin. (Insert short story) We have a small bond with this family. Nick Bouldien wore #13 at Collierville. That number was my number growing up in sports. When Trey came on to the JV team and Nick was graduating, Trey wrote Nick a letter and asked his permission to have his number, if I remember correctly. No, I didn’t tell him to do that. That was just Trey. Moving on…. We were talking after the scrimmage Friday night about Trey and Collin and how Collin can say Trey was MY brother and to be proud of his brother. Greg brought to my attention the scripture in Proverbs 22:1 ~

“A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, favor is better than silver and gold.”

It just hammered home for me that ERWIN is to be a name that Collin should be proud of, but first, his identity is in Christ. So, as our kids enter this new year, my prayer is that they will have their identity in Christ first who will lay the foundation for everything else. In turn, I pray our kids will learn to lift up His name higher than their own. Be BOLD! It’s hard to live like Jesus in school.

I have set my alarm on my phone to pray for Collin, CHS, and GBC (Germantown Baptist) at 8 a.m. every morning. In the hustle of our day, we forget to lift our children daily to the Lord. I want Collin to survive this year much better than the last. And if I have it my way, I would love for him to END his 8th grade year at graduation just like Trey did. Five of his friends wrote T.R.E.Y.! on their stomachs and as he walked across the stage at Germantown Baptist, they lifted their shirts in the balcony.  Oh yes, I have pictures! That’s brotherly love right there. And one of those friends, Tim Few – in 8th grade – was also at his feet when he met Jesus.  Choosing friends wisely NOW is so important.  We never know when we will meet Jesus.  There was nothing unique about Trey.  He was just chosen by God to spread His name through suffering.  We are all called to do just that!

Students – Trey would tell you to live each day at school as if you were going to meet Jesus that day!  And, GO DRAGONS!

This picture is from Trey’s 8th grade graduation.

Trey 8th grade

3 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Lisa,
    I have told Dawn before that Will who also has ADD and is polar opposite from Kelsey reminds of Collin and God has always blessed us the past few years at CES in the same room with Ellie Willard (I’m sure u know her sweet mom from football) she has been my little momma hen to Will. Reminds to put his name on his papers, what to being home etc. not sure how will us going to make it in middle school I hv prayed all day that he would have a Ellie in some of his classes. Kelsey told me last night she and Collin had home room together so maybe she can be his Ellie this year!!

  2. Lisa, tho I have never met you or your family, I have been following Trey’s story from the beginning. I’ve never commented but have felt lead today to let you know that we have not forgotten Trey or your family. While I have no doubt that Trey is rejoicing in the kingdom of Heaven it is your family that God has placed on my heart. I pray for you often. I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through but know that I lift you up in prayers every day. I’m sure you never wanted to be the one to set this example but God is using you in a way that you may never know why. Your openness, honesty, and faith inspire me daily to be more Christ like.

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