The Dragons Are Here!

It’s late. Very late. And this blog will be random and not well thought out beforehand like most of my blogs. Tonight was an emotional night. Collierville played Germantown and Collierville won 14-7. It has been years since we have beat Germantown. Good job coaches!!!

I was able to have dinner with the senior football boys last night. There was laughter, food, and vicious ping pong. Isaiah Downey invited Collin and picked him up and we were invited as a family. You see, that’s not the first time Isaiah has come by the house to get Collin. He took him this summer to the movie and was at our house to celebrate Trey’s one year homegoing.

Just a special time last night. One mom mentioned how last game the boys walked off a different way and she didn’t get her sweaty hug from her son. I remember those. I miss those. Matter of fact, as most of you have seen, that’s my favorite sweaty picture with Trey. I started talking with the two mom’s and we talked about how long our boys had been together. I shared the story of when Trey and Corbin Peeper played on the same basketball team at GBC and Jim, Corbin’s grandfather, and Tara, Corbin’s mom were their coaches. I told them how they would have to take Corbin out of the game because he would get so angry and intense. The boys had to be 7 or 8. Jim ended up baptizing Trey at Trey’s request and when Trey was sick, Jim might have missed sitting with us only once during tests or treatment. Such a special history.

So tonight, the air was thick. The boys were anxious to win. Before Isaiah and Corbin entered the Dragon tunnel tonight, i pointed at them as to say – it’s your night – and they pointed right back. I think that the majority of the team would agree when I say Isaiah had a heck of a game. There were tackles, blocks, an interception and hands in the air with #13 shown.

I know there were friends of mine there that normally do not come to the Collierville games. I was talking with Coach Kyle Reed, one of Trey’s favorite coaches and a man of God during the game. We talked about how the atmosphere was Trey’s place. It’s where he belonged, he lived, he learned and we talked about those things. The songs that were played were Trey’s songs, #13 in the air, painted on the field, on flags, and yes, painted on bodies. But those were the people that knew Trey. When I talked to the senior boys last night I told them that the one thing Trey was worried about was Collin. I challenged them to be an example on and off the field. And I got the chance to tell, just the senior boys, Trey’s teammates, how much they meant to us. And no, I did’t hold it together. But that’s okay…

After the game, with raw emotions, a football player walked directly to me and as we hugged, our tears began to fall. He cried out of joy for the win, out of loss for his friend, out of love for his friend’s mom…and I was holding my boy again. I got that sweaty hug tonight, from Isaiah Downey. He wasn’t concerned about his man card. The last football player to be by Trey’s side within the hour of his death. And then they came, one after another, sweaty hugs. You may think this is gross, but I came home and didn’t take a shower. It’s HIS smell…sensory grief. My only regret, Jay had to work and could not share it with me. Next week, we’ll both get sweaty hugs.

Dragons-The Erwin family loves you! Trey will always be with you!image

3 thoughts on “The Dragons Are Here!

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us, Lisa. I did not read this until Saturday morning, but at the time you were writing this, I was sending a photo over to the Dragons to be used in their web article as the featured photo from the game. The player in the photo? #23, Isaiah Downey.

  2. Those Sweaty Hugs and Salty Tears mingle together and become one just as you are one with Christ. Even though your pain is evident so is your joy. Thank you for sharing your journey and Treys story. Prayers for your family from me to you.

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