What’s in your Heart, Comes out of your Mouth!

For the last week I have caught myself switching the radio station from The Message on Sirius XM to the ‘80s on 8 station.  We had to drive Collin’s Jeep home from Cabot, Arkansas, and if someone saw me in the car, I would have been so embarrassed.  When Jungle Love came on, I was movin’ all over that front seat!  This morning, Rick James came on and I know I was flying toward downtown singing “Super Freak, she’s super freaky yeah…”  All I know is that my mood changed and I was be-boppin’ into the office.

I often talk to Collin about the music he chooses.  If you listen to some of the rap lyrics, they will make your toes curl.  But like Pastor Rick said this past Sunday, we have become numb to our sins.  NOT that music is a sin, but what the music creates in our heart and our head, such as lustful thoughts, anger (I call it anger music), and definitely sexual thoughts.

But I had to stop and think about the music from the 80’s.  Was it much different then?  I googled the lyrics to Jungle Love this morning and I was SHOCKED.  Of course, when I was young in the 80’s, I didn’t bother to know all the lyrics.  I just knew it was good music for dancing and I did my share of dancing in the 80’s.  Thinking back, I’d probably break a hip now.

My point is, do our kids actually know the music that is going in their ears?  If we could get their playlist and print the lyrics and ask them, “Would you hand these lyrics to Jesus?” I wonder what they would say and if they would be convicted.  I could go even broader, what about adults? Kids aren’t the only culprits.  It boils down to is it edifying and glorifying God?

“Geez Ms. Lisa, you’re being so picky.”

Just think.  God knows the thoughts of your past and the thoughts in your future.  How mind blowing is that?  More than mind blowing, it is intimate. God is intimate in his relationship with you.

When you sing the lyrics, can you sing them to God?

“That’s being a bit literal, Ms. Lisa.”

I think God is very intentional in his word when it says,  —for you shall not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God—“ Exodus 34:14.  Personally, I would rather not suffer the wrath of God for silly mistakes and something I chose when I know better.  I firmly believe what’s in your heart comes out of your mouth.

I distinctly remember the conviction of a young lady who was in the youth group at Germantown Baptist.  Her parents battled the music in her life.  They chose to pray over her.  Our battle is not our children and we know that.  Eventually, and I’ll never forget this, she stood before the youth and confessed of her addiction to unhealthy music and was getting rid of her music from her different devices she felt convicted her.  It made an impression on my heart that still is there today.  Now, she is an adult making BIG GIRL decisions.

So I have to do better.  I have to make better choices to be a better example.  We are not going to be perfect, any of us.  But I do believe we should strive to be more like Jesus.

Join me in fighting the fight. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Eph. 6:12

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