The Wrestler

Jay was a wrestler so he liked to wrestle with the boys. He had Trey pinned to get his phone. Parents do that just to irritate their kids, ya know.

I remember the laughter…just as if you had tickled him when he was five under his armpits. It became contagious.

Tears from laughter fell.

Tears fall from grief.

Wrestling. What do we wrestle with? I’m wrestling with migraines, depression, grief, a dying dog, and to be honest – God.

Where do you want us God?

Tears fall from frustration and stress.

Eight years ago they wrestled. Today, we are still wrestling.

So for me – my prayer today is from Psalms. “But You, O GOD, the Lord, deal kindly with me for Your name’s sake; Because Your lovingkindness is good, deliver me;”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭109:21‬C485D394-E1FA-4C03-A158-3F22CAD0A8EA

4 thoughts on “The Wrestler

  1. Thank you for your candid words. We all wrestle at times; if one says they have not wrestled with the things you mention (God, our lives, God’s plan), etc. we are not being honest and/or candid. May our mighty God continue to cover your family. Listen to Him breathe. Blessings to you.

  2. Lisa, I fully understand every issue as I also have been basically bedridden for 14 years now. After losing Keisie, my mom and sister in those 9 months, I also had my dad still in hospital to help. At Keisie’s death we had just lost our jobs and my migraines went 24 hours daily. After surgery for reason causing migraines, 6 weeks later was left unattended in a hospital for over 18 hours causing my body to be filled with gangrene, hence diseases doctors had never seen. After 5 death notices, 10 surgeries, I faced breast cancer in June and I too am trying to keep my dying dog alive just as long as possible. I gave it to God and Jesus and I am still here, am on my feet now and I learned I am not in control, keep your faith, we never understand why things happen, but as God has taught us, he never promised life is a walk in the park. I know you miss Trey as I too miss my Keisie everyday, I have learned it will be a daily battle. I find comfort only by knowing she is in the most glorious of places with our God and Jesus and I will see her again when my job on this Earth is complete. You have always been an inspiration to people through your writings and have helped many more than you know, you are in my prayers and please keep your faith strong and always know He will be by your side through each trial you all face. I know you have heard this from me before, but I know you are a strong Christian woman and never let that ever change. God be with you and yours always.

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