Collin’s Reaction

Well, you never know how the child will react, but I think I called it.  He was just fine.  Actually, he said, “I think I have IBS!” I had to keep from rolling on the floor.  We already know he does not have IBS.  I explained the entire situation in sport’s terms.  The best offense is to have a good defense and that’s what we are doing.  We made him look at our faces when we told him that he does not have cancer and he said he knows.  But, actually, until we have these baseline tests done, we do not know anything.  I think he understands that.  He knows he is now a patient of St. Jude and Dr. Federico.

I really don’t think he could have taken it any better.  He understands about the tests and how he will be put to sleep for the endoscopy.  This test has not been scheduled yet.  He will have an MRI at St. Jude on Nov. 12 and then we’ll see Dr. Federico after that.  It will be a long day at the Jude.  Another day, another child.  But like we told Collin, it’s like putting bug spray on so you won’t get bitten by mosquitos.  We did tell him if he did get cancer, we would know very quickly and be able to get started with whatever treatment is needed.

In my mind, Collin is very informed.  I told him if he ever feels like he needs to talk about it, then he needs to tell us.  We also told him if kids start to say to him that he has cancer, he can look at them and say NO, I DO NOT!

Now comes the fall out of his thoughts.  We’ll see how that goes over the next week or so.  We pray that God will grow him into a strong young man.

9 thoughts on “Collin’s Reaction

  1. Lisa and Jay, I do not even know what to say, except. I will be praying for a clear answer. I pray for peace and rest for yall. We love yall. I can not tell you how upset we are for yall having to go through all these test and the waiting.
    In Christian love,

  2. Just amazing! Kids sure do show us how we should act! As ALWAYS praying for you all! Love you all so much… and will always pray for God to wrap his arms around ya’ll and help comort ya’ll! Will of course be waiting for the next blog….and the results!
    Love, Nikki

  3. just a prime example of how you and jay raise your children. He is a strong christian young man and he feels that if his big brother could deal with what was handed to him then he will too. Lisa, you and Jay are probably the strongest parents I know and I am now sure I could handle the situations you have been given the way you guys have. My family loves you guys and draw our strength from you. You and your children are truly an inspiration to us. Forever in our thoughts and prayers. Lorie, David, Kaitlyn and Daniel Gammel.

  4. Our hearts continue to be touched, you ALL remain in our thoughts / prayers .
    The Erwins (& extended family) are very special to us ! We think of you all thru out our days !
    Sending hugs your way …Gina Weatherly & Family

  5. As always kids surprise us. You have an amazing young man. We will be praying in the days ahead.. ALL of you know where your strength comes from, so we know HE will see you thru everything. So many prayers are being lifted up for you.

  6. I have to say that Jay and yourself are very strong people. I cannot imagine what you were feeling when you two had to tell him? I continue to keep your family in my prayers.

  7. Dear Sweet Parents,
    I am praying for all of you -especially Collin. I am a cancer survivor of almost five years and I can tell you God and family,plus Dr. Tauer got me through the darkest times. I am praying that Collin will never have to experience this.

  8. Praying for all of you and especially Collin. We have a son with special needs and it does impact the rest of the family. God has taken care of us each and every day. He is Faithful!!!

  9. Prayers for Collin…that God will give him the understanding to deal with it, that he be given the peace that we could never understand with out God, and that God give you and Jay peace that Collin is in the hands of the great I am and He sees the whole picture. It’s hard to understand. “lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him & he will make your paths straight”. I hold on to that scripture when I’m faced with something difficult and I want to know WHY!!! Prayers for you and Jay as well.

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