Blessings in the WalMart Line

Today as I was standing in line waiting to check out, I happened to overhear a conversation going on between two ladies in front of me.  One lady was checking out with a large amount of groceries with her young son, and the other lady was waiting behind her.  Since the conversation was so intruiging, I didn’t mind the wait.  I know, you can’t imagine what would be interesting between two ladies in line at WalMart.  I think it was more of what was going on in my mind as they were talking that made it a little more…humerous.

The conversation took me back, way back before there was Throw Back Thursday for those of you who use Instagram.  The ladies were discussing how many children there were in the family of the one who had so many groceries.  I think, from the conversation, there were more than six.  I gather that because the lady behind her had at least five brothers or sisters.  I still am invisioning how fast the lady was putting the groceries in her cart as she answered the question, “It just happened that way.”  If I am correct, the question was, “Did you plan to have that many children?”  And that’s when I began to grin and think back many years ago.

Jay and I traveled the first four plus years of our marriage but we always wanted a large family.  We had always talked that three was a good number because he had two brothers and I had two sisters.  After Jay and I decided to have children, we thought that would be a breeze – everyone has children.  Long story short, I could not conceive without fertility drugs.  Before Jay and I had children, I discovered I have a bladder disease and was told that having children would either be one – difficult, or two – should not happen at all.  After having Trey, my urologist clearly told me that if I wanted to have any chance of having a bladder when I was older, I should not have a second child.  We didn’t listen and decided to have Collin (who sat on my bladder my entire pregnancy!).  Our two blessings.

I can remember DISTINCTLY having conversations with a best friend when Trey and Collin were young and her daughter was young that she and her husband NEEDED to think about having a second child.  She kept saying NO WAY!  I would just say to myself, oh, she needs more children!  See, I knew best, of course.  After all, the bible says in Ps. 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”  I bugged the snot out of her.  I see now that there is no way that it was in God’s will for her to have more than one child.  I think it’s just what we do — plan to have many children because one is not enough.

My thoughts, as I stood in line, went straight to the moment Jay and I sat in the car after Trey’s death.  We both just sat there…speechless.  I said to him, “What are we going to do now?”  All he could say was, “I don’t know, let’s just go home.” And we went home to our one child, Collin.  Our one mouth to feed.  Our one child that would return to school, one child to train up in the way as he should go.  And that’s where my thoughts took me today.  I have ONE child that I know has accepted the Lord as his Savior.  I have ONE child to send to college.  Sure, only one child that MIGHT bring me grandchildren.  But when it all boils down to it, I have to laugh.  I think about what the lady said, it just happened.  As much as we plan for life, God will ultimately decide how many children we have and in what direction our children will go.  God already has one of my children, and that was all His decision – certainly not mine.

Now why do you think that conversation was a blessing? Because not only did I realize that I need to appreciate the mouth that I feed, he is the ONLY mouth I have left.  This might sound a little selfish, but I don’t have anymore children to worry whether or not they will meet Jesus one day!!!  If Jesus were to return tomorrow, I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, my entire family will be sitting at the feet of Jesus.  That was my blessing!  I would not trade my family for someone else’s in all the world!

As I walked out of WalMart, I thought I might not have to worry about my child, but I know friends who are dealing with their children and it is such a burden they are carrying.  The commitment grew in my mind and heart to pray for my friends and their children.  My family has been blessed.  We have been chosen by God to serve him.  “You did not choose me, but I chose you.” John 15:16  This is something I cannot explain.  I cannot explain Trey’s path or why the lady in line has more than 6 mouths to feed.  This is something I will not know until I reach heaven.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3  A renewed commitment to pray.  A renewed commitment to pray in line with God’s plan for my life and my family.  God even speaks to you in line at WalMart.

One thought on “Blessings in the WalMart Line

  1. I have been tracking with you since Trey was sick. I was in Memphis when the news came (we are members of New Hope Christian Church in Bartlett but are Bristish and in ministry . All of your posts are read carefully and prayer fully, from afar, I walk with you.

    Our website is if you want to see what we do!!

    Wonder if you know the old hymn “Theres a Friend for Little Children” ? I adapted this for you.

    heres a friend for little children A friend who loves you so He listens to your crying He goes where ever you go His hands are there to help you His arms will hold you safe He knows your hearts quiet whisper And wipes the tears away

    There’s a friend for little children Who you will see one day He’ll hold you gently to him Your beauty He’ll display Angels will cheer loudest As you go through the gates And as you dance before Him I’m sure that He’ll join in

    So let your heart dance freely Let tears fall at His feet Your body now can worship Your place is at His feet You can safely walk in His steps Your future is secure For there’s a Friend for children Your whisper He will hear

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