20 thoughts on “While I’m Waiting

  1. Praying that this coming week is full of unexpected blessings…yall are on my heart..new challenges…every moment of everyday..fighting the good fight…thank you for continuing to post..you encourage me…to be a better mom…that song ..wow…really speaks to me..

  2. I was just telling Jay at practice this week you were the BEST team mom! I KNEW you wouldn’t be able to resist that title again!! Ha ha ha ha!!! I’d be happy to help you out πŸ™‚

  3. Love this song! Beautiful. I have a story you might appreciate – The kids and I are traveling this week and I was talking to the them about their posts on twitter and how their digital image will follow them for the rest of their life, etc. etc… so they really needed to be careful in what they put out there and my son says to us – “every time I tweet I think twice about what I say because Lisa Erwin is following me.” Thank you for encouraging him to think twice. It takes a village. πŸ™‚

  4. Lisa, Praying for God to continue to show His faithfulness this week, especially this afternoon to Collin–Prayers of protection and peace, and comfort.

  5. i know that the hard part begins now in your families lives to learn a “new” normal and I pray that God puts the things in ya’ll lives that is needed to help ease that process(although, its never easy). I too have had to make a “new ” normal for our family with a child with health issues and reading your messages and the music video have helped me lean more on God. Thank you for that, because you have made a difference in my life already and just know that you ARE continuing to reach out to others and glorify our Father in Trey’s honor.

  6. Lisa, thank you for posting this song; it has a message for all of us. May God bless you, Jay and Collin as you strive to find your new “normal”.

  7. To the Erwin family – I have kept up with trey through caring bridge and have shed many tears while I prayed and praised Our God lifting you up in prayer. My dearest friend lost her son at age 4 to liver cancer. I know you will understand what I have always told her …… “how special in God’s eyes you must be that He chose you to be the parents of such a special child”

  8. That’s my hardest part of this. I lost my 29 yr. old daughter a year ago today. I can read the bible, but I can’t sing at church. Not one song. I have no joy. She no longer suffers from all the treatments she went through to fight Leukemia for 5 years, so I’m thankful for that, but feeling the praise I used to feel for God’s blessings is non existent. I’m still “waiting.”

    • I went to choir for the first time last night. I could not sit through the entire practice. For me, Jeannie, it may take a year for choir. But as far as praising from the pulpit, I do take comfort in knowing my son took great pleasure in praising the Lord in song! I understand!

      • Your son is very handsome. He had a very kind face as well. I hate to use the word “was.” God answered our prayer and gave my Beth an extra 5 years to her life, however, she suffered those five years. I prayed a lot for God to take the pain away and it would subside eventually and then she’d have something else go wrong or another test she had to go through, so she’d have some more pain. My prayer life is good as the “thank you” part, but I struggle with asking God to heal someone and not think, ‘it doesn’t matter, He’s going to do what he wants in the end anyway.’ I don’t want to feel that way, because I know it’s not trusting Him.
        I’m sorry to hear you didn’t make it through choir. I love singing, so I miss it. I come nearer to dancing than I have singing. Do you mind me asking what your son died of?

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