“A Mighty Dragon”

Well, it’s not perfect, but it’s done. My book is finished. You can find it on Amazon and just search Trey Erwin. I’ve had a couple of days to reflect on it since it went public with the proof I’ve had. Before I hit “Publish”, I glanced through the book for any glaring errors, found one, fixed it, and resubmitted it for publishing. I didn’t read the book from cover to cover. I had already done it so many times, and so had my editor.

Then, one evening, I decided I would sit down and try to read the book from a “readers” perspective. The second page had two mistakes! I was in tears! The first two errors were obvious because of the font. Then, there wasn’t a period at the end of a sentence. Then, there was another mistake in a sentence. What was happening! Had I uploaded the wrong file? It threw me into a panic attack…and then embarrassment. I felt like a scolded puppy hiding under the bed. I felt like I let Trey down.

On the way to Collin’s graduation this morning, God spoke to me. He reminded me that the only one that was perfect on this earth was Jesus Christ and I should not be embarrassed. I had been forgiven for my many sins and mistakes. It’s by God’s mercy that He forgives our mistakes. The mistakes I made were in writing a book (for the first time, I might add) about my son for the glory of God. As long as God is glorified, I don’t care if there is a period missing, because God doesn’t. It’s just something the perfectionist in me has to get over. My prayer over the book is that God’s light will shine through Trey’s testimony.

I can tell you it wasn’t easy to write. I had resources laid out on my bed everywhere. His St. Jude medical records, my bible, his tweets that I had bound, Jesus Calling, two computers and this was usually until after midnight most nights when Jay was working. Memories flooded late at night which led to many sleepless nights. Maybe it was those late night tears that caused the mistakes!

One other thing I would like to add. Trey made mistakes. Even though the book highlights only a four-month period of his life, he was at one time a normal teenage boy WITH A MOUTH! Well, he is his mama’s child, isn’t he? In his little brother’s eyes, he has been elevated to sainthood by others and that is hard to follow. Collin knows that Trey was not perfect but he has yet to understand the full impact of life of service to the Lord. I think that comes with maturity. We are praying for maturity and understanding to develop.

So, if you get a chance to buy “A Mighty Dragon”, remember, it was written from my heart, not from experience and its purpose is to tell of Trey’s plight while bringing our Heavenly Father glory.

“A Mighty Dragon #prayfortrey The Story of Trey Erwin”