Today I Made A Choice

It might seem trite or not a big deal to most, but this morning I made the choice to get out of bed. Satan had told me to stay in bed, I can skip church, it doesn’t matter, and I need the rest.

I told Jay as he left for work that I wasn’t going to church, but he really didn’t know why. I woke up again right before my alarm and thought to myself how I didn’t want to battle with Collin about going to church or wallow because I was going alone. Then I realized, it wasn’t about either. It was more about my own depressive state.

I got out of bed. Honestly, I wore the same leggings I slept in. I put on a tunic and put a beanie on my head and left the house for Living Hope.

I don’t want to assume that God rewarded me for getting out of bed. But, I came home with little reminder nuggets of wisdom that I would not have received if I had stayed in bed.

*I am enough.

*He saved me and He is faithful.

*He loves me just as I am.

*God provides the right people at the right time to restore your faith in things you question about your children.

*We can rest in his Almighty sufficiency.

So today, as friends asked me how I was, I responded, “I got out of bed today.” They do not know my struggles nor do I know theirs, but I did share some so they could pray.

Satan wants us to believe that we do not matter to others and we are not good enough for His worship. This is SO not true. It was hard to worship today but, by the end of the service, I did not want to leave and I wanted to keep singing and just worshiping as we sang how God deserves all glory.

Today, I got out of bed. I give God the glory. He is sufficient and I am enough.

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